July start for hearings on end of life choices

End Of Life

Public hearings for the parliamentary inquiry into end of life choices will commence in Melbourne on 23 July 2015.

The first hearing will be held at Parliament House on Spring Street.

Public hearings have also been scheduled for Geelong and Warrnambool on 29 and 30 July, followed by a further hearing in Melbourne on 5 August.

The inquiry is being conducted by the Victorian Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee.

“The public hearings will be an opportunity to explore in more detail the complex issues facing the Committee as part of its terms of reference,” said Committee Chair Edward O’Donohue.

“We are holding public hearings in Melbourne and in regional areas so that views from across Victoria can be considered when we make our recommendations.”

Details of the Melbourne hearings are available on the Committee’s website. Other hearing programs will be made available on the website prior to each hearing.

Further public hearing dates will also be notified on the website and via news alerts.

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