Parliament on campus

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Victoria University students have gained a practical insight into parliamentary law and practice during a guest lecture by Clerk of the Legislative Council, Andrew Young.

The lecture for law students was organised at the invitation of the Victoria Law School’s Kathleen Raponi.

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Legislative Council Clerk Andrew Young with Victoria University law lecturer Kathleen Raponi and law students

Tracing the origins of parliamentary rules and their application in a modern world, the lecture explored some of the case law that has arisen in relation to the issue of parliamentary privilege.

It included a detailed discussion on freedom of speech, particularly the powers and protections that ensure members of parliament can fulfil their legislative, representative and accountability roles without hindrance.

“It’s important for law students to understand both the theory and the practice of our legal system,” said Andrew Young.

“I was delighted to be able to share with them my own experience working within parliament and dealing regularly with some of the complexities involved in the rules and procedures of the parliament.

“Many of our parliamentary procedures and practices are not well understood in the broader community, so I congratulate Victoria University for taking this initiative that gives their students exposure to some of the practicalities associated in working with the law.”

Kathleen Raponi said in the unit on Privacy and Media Law, students have been exploring the key legal issues that arise in journalism.

“Victoria University had the pleasure of Andrew Young attending our lecture to discuss the issues that arise when reporting on parliament," she said. 

“It was beneficial for students to engage directly with a senior staff member of parliament to understand how the law regulating parliamentary reporting is put into practice.

“The students enjoyed learning about how parliament connects with the community and its development in the digital era."

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