Extension of time granted for Fiskville inquiry

Fiskville inquiry

The Fiskville inquiry has been extended until 31 March 2016.

“Since tabling its interim report, the Committee has reviewed extensive documents and material to assist its understanding of what happened at Fiskville,” said Committee Chair, Bronwyn Halfpenny MP.

The process of investigation is ongoing and will inform the Committee’s next phase of the inquiry and public hearings through till the end of the year.

“Critical questions are emerging that the Committee wants to put to key organisations that include—but are not limited to—the CFA, the EPA and WorkSafe,” Ms Halfpenny stated.

The next stage of hearings will commence on Monday 19 October and be held through November and early December.

“The Committee will start by hearing from key experts with knowledge about toxic chemicals and hazardous materials to increase our understanding of the health effects of the pollutants people at Fiskville have been exposed to and their effects on the environment,” the Committee Chair explained.

Information on the inquiry is available from the website for the Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee, and includes submissions, transcripts of hearings already held and the interim report.

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