Parliamentary librarians look to the future


The 2015 Australasian Parliamentary Libraries Association Conference has been held at Victoria’s Parliament House.

Victorian Parliamentary Librarian Carolyn Macvean led one of the keynote discussions on the future of parliamentary libraries, looking forward to what services could and should be delivered 10 years from now.


Participants in the 2015 Australasian Parliamentary Libraries Association Conference at Parliament House in Melbourne

Attended by parliamentary librarians from Australia and New Zealand, the annual conference is an important professional development opportunity for the managers of library and information services in state, territory and national parliaments.

Participants provided updates on developments in library services at each of their parliaments and also heard presentations on library management systems, internship programs, heritage preservation and community engagement.

This year’s conference also included participants from Fiji and Tonga, as part of a twinning program that sees Australian state and territory parliaments providing capacity building for parliaments of Pacific island countries.

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