Yogyakarta’s Sultan visits Victoria


The Sultan and Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta in Indonesia has made an official visit to Victoria.

President of the Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson welcomed the Sultan to Parliament House.

His Excellency Hamengku Buwono X was accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Hemas, who is a Member of the Indonesian Senate.

Sultan 2

The Sultan and Queen Hemas are welcomed by Legislative Council President Bruce Atkinson

Yogyakarta is a hub for culture and arts in Indonesia and the visit to Melbourne provided the opportunity to explore stronger cultural and education ties with Victoria.

There already are agreements between Yogyakarta and Victorian higher education institutions and meetings during the visit considered the scope for further cooperation in the vocational education and training sectors.

At Parliament House, discussions were held on strengthening of parliamentary ties between Victoria and Yogyakarta.

Sultan 3

Signing of the visitors book at Parliament House

Sultan 4

The Sultan and Queen Hemas view the Legislative Council chamber

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