Stone restoration reaches new heights

Crane 1

The moving of a crane to the front of Parliament House marks the ninth stage of a major stone restoration project for the iconic building.

It’s one of Victoria’s most significant restoration projects, with almost a decade of work already devoted to it.

Around 20 stonemasons are working on the project. The work is labour-intensive, with each stone taking up to three months to carve.

Stage 9 of the project is focused on the bluestone façade of the Legislative Assembly chamber as well as the rendered and sandstone façade of the north wing.

The sandstone is being sourced from a quarry in Gosford and the bluestone is from Port Fairy.

The 39-metre crane is being used to lift the stone blocks into place.

Crane 2

Heavy lifting for the stone restoration project

One of the major features of the project is that each stone is being catalogued to assist with future maintenance of the building.

Our feature article Majestic makeover looks in detail at the restoration work at Parliament House.

Stone restoration

The stone restoration project is helping to preserve a Melbourne icon

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