Victorian expertise for Fiji education program

Fiji education

Fiji will be getting a new parliamentary education program thanks to a partnership between the Fiji and Victorian Parliaments and a Victorian school.

Following on from Fiji’s return to democracy last year, the Fiji Parliament has sought assistance in developing an education program about parliament that could be rolled out to schools in Fiji.

The Victorian Parliament’s education unit is working with an assistant principal from Elwood Primary School to help develop the program, tapping into the curriculum and classroom expertise that a senior educator can provide.

The teaching modules for the program will be presented to a workshop of 30 teachers and curriculum specialists in Suva next week.

Fiji education2

Teaching modules will help Fiji students learn about parliament

Earlier this year, the President of the Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Telmo Languiller signed a parliamentary partnership agreement with the Fiji Parliament’s Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni.

The agreement has seen more than 25 capacity building projects for the Fiji Parliament delivered by members and staff of the Victorian Parliament.

Development of the Fiji Parliament’s education program is the latest project to be supported under the Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships initiative, which is being funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

“We are delighted that this unique collaboration between the Victorian Parliament and a Victorian school will help the Fiji Parliament prepare a program of civics education that can be used by schools throughout Fiji,” the Victorian Parliament’s Presiding Officers said.

“This project demonstrates Victoria’s education expertise and the benefits it can bring to people, even beyond our own borders,” the Presiding Officers said.

“We thank Education Minister James Merlino, the Department of Education and Training, and Elwood Primary School for supporting this important project that is helping to advance both democracy and learning in our region.”

The United Nations Development Programme is also supporting the project.

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