Certificates of appreciation for Elwood Primary

Elwood 1

The Victorian Parliament’s Presiding Officers have presented Elwood Primary School with certificates of appreciation for contributing to an education project for the Fiji Parliament.

Elwood Primary’s Principal Robert Csoti and Assistant Principal Nicole Richards received the certificates from President of the Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Telmo Languiller at Parliament House.

Elwood 2

Presentation of certificates to Elwood Primary School

As part of a twinning partnership with the Fiji Parliament, the Victorian Parliament was requested to assist with the development of a parliamentary education program for Fiji.

The Victorian Parliament’s education unit worked in collaboration with Elwood Primary School and the Fiji Parliament to develop a number of learning modules on democracy and parliament that could be used in Fiji schools as part of their civics curriculum.

Elwood Primary’s Assistant Principal Nicole Richards and the Victorian Parliament’s community engagement projects officer Suzie Luddon presented the modules to a workshop of teachers and curriculum specialists held in Suva.

The modules received an enthusiastic response from Fijian teachers and will be trialled in Fiji schools.

Fiji education1

Parliamentary education workshop in Fiji

The Victorian Parliament’s Presiding Officers thanked Elwood Primary School for participating in this unique initiative that enabled the Fiji Parliament and Fijian schools to access both parliamentary and education expertise from Victoria.

They also acknowledged the support for Elwood Primary’s participation from the Department of Education and Training.

Funding for the project was provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, under the Pacific Parliamentary Partnership program.

The initiative was also supported by the United Nations Development Programme.

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