Australian of the Year to address Parliament

Rosie Batty

The Victorian Parliament has invited the 2015 Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty to address a special parliamentary sitting on Thursday, 26 November.

Ms Batty’s address to parliament will be delivered in the Legislative Assembly chamber from 10:30 am, and will be attended by members of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.

The special parliamentary sitting has been arranged to draw attention to the tragedy of family violence.

The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Premier and Leader of the Opposition will make opening remarks at the special sitting before Ms Batty is invited to deliver her address to parliament.

At the conclusion of Ms Batty’s address, Legislative Council members will return to their chamber and the Legislative Assembly will hear from another six guests who have been invited to speak about family violence.

They are Kristy McKellar, Joumanah el Matrah, Muriel Bamblett, Graham Ashton, Annette Gillespie and Rodney Vlais.

Following these speeches, members of the Legislative Assembly will participate in a debate about the issues raised.

There will be no question time or constituency questions in the Legislative Assembly on 26 November.

The debate on family violence is expected to continue until 5:00 pm, when the adjournment will begin.

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