Donation to Fiji boosts community programs

Fiji equipment1

The Victorian Parliament has provided a range of audio visual equipment to the Fiji Parliament to help with its community outreach programs.

Purchased with funds provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships program, the equipment will enable the Fiji Parliament to produce community information and education videos.

Those videos will be used in a range of programs the Fiji Parliament is running to help inform the Fijian community about the processes and work of the new parliament, established following Fiji’s return to democracy last year.

Receiving the equipment on behalf of the Fiji Parliament, Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni said it would elevate the presentation of material to the community through the latest means, including social and other media platforms.

Fiji equipment2

Fiji Speaker, Dr Jiko Luveni received the equipment from the Victorian Parliament

Over the past fortnight, the Victorian Parliament’s broadcast coordinator, Mark Harris, has been in Fiji helping to train Fiji parliamentary staff on the new equipment.

It’s one of 27 capacity building projects the Victorian Parliament has supported over the past 18 months.

The Victorian and Fiji Parliaments are twinned under the Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships program, which supports the professional development of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff in our region.

“The two parliaments have made enormous strides in terms of capacity development for staff and members of the Fijian Parliament,” Dr Luveni said.

She also thanked the Australian Government for its generous support in providing the funds for the Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships program.

Fiji equipment3

Mark Harris from the Victorian Parliament trained Fiji parliamentary staff on the use of the new equipment

Fiji equipment4

An effective working partnership between the Fiji and Victorian Parliaments

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