Scholarship fund honours pioneering women MPs

KirnerKoskyLaunch 17 Feb 2016 THUMBNAIL4

A Victoria University scholarship fund honouring Joan Kirner and Lynne Kosky has been launched at Parliament House.

The Kirner Kosky Scholarship Fund will support scholarships for students from the west of Melbourne to study at Victoria University.

KirnerKoskyLaunch 17 Feb 2016 NEWS 05

Presiding Officers and official guests at scholarship fund launch.

The fund pays tribute to two pioneering MPs and their shared commitment to the western region. In particular, it recognises the contributions to education made by Joan Kirner during her time as Premier and Minister for Education and by Lynne Kosky during her time as Minister for Education and Training.

Speaker Telmo Languiller, who is an alumnus of Victoria University, hosted the launch in Queen’s Hall. He paid tribute to the legacy of Ms Kirner and Ms Kosky, both of whom have passed away.

“In many ways, Joan and Lynne symbolise the dynamic and pioneering spirit that has helped to shape this parliament and this state,” the Speaker said.

“Here in Victoria we have always moved with the times and, because of women like Joan and Lynne, our parliament and our state have been at the forefront of the reforms needed to improve the lives of people across our diverse communities.”

As Minister for Education, Joan Kirner was instrumental in delivering a number of education reforms to overcome inequities she saw in the education system. This included the introduction of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), replacing the then Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Lynne Kosky later introduced the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, to provide young people with practical, work-related experience, as a ‘hands-on’ alternative to the Victorian Certificate of Education.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Telmo LanguillerOfficial guests at scholarship fund launch

Speaker Telmo Languiller welcomes friends, family and former colleagues of Joan Kirner and Lynne Kosky.

Dr Susan Alberti, Chair of the Victoria University Foundation, officially launched the scholarship fund, watched by family and friends of Ms Kirner and Ms Kosky, along with a number of current and former parliamentarians as well as various community members.

Legislative Council President Bruce Atkinson, Health Minister Jill Hennessy and Victoria University Vice-Chancellor Peter Dawkins also spoke about the Kirner and Kosky legacy and the significance of the scholarship fund.

As part of the launch, the Presiding Officers presented a bound set of Ms Kirner's speeches from her time as Premier to her husband, Ron Kirner.

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