Major inquiry into retirement housing sector

Retirement Housing Inquiry THUMB

The Legal and Social Issues Committee has commenced a comprehensive inquiry into the operation and regulation of the retirement housing sector.

Retirement villages, caravan parks, residential parks and independent living units are all included in the scope of the inquiry.

“Our aim is to identify opportunities for improvement and reform,” said Committee Chair Edward O’Donohue.

“We invite the Victorian community to have a say. In particular, we welcome the views of residents in retirement housing, their families and retirement housing owners and managers,” he said.

The Committee will be examining the existing legislation to ensure it reflects the diversity of retirement housing types.

Under the inquiry’s terms of reference, the Committee will be seeking to ensure there are proper consumer protections in place, adequate dispute resolution procedures, fair pricing and consistent, simplified management standards and regulations across the sector.

“This inquiry is an important opportunity to hear the community’s views about retirement housing and identify ways in which the sector can best meet the demands and challenges it faces into the future,” Mr O’Donohue said.

The Committee has been asked, as part of its terms of reference, to consider whether or not to recommend the appointment of a Retirement Housing Ombudsman.

It will examine the impact of local government rating on retirement housing.

Comparable reviews and recommendations for reform in other Australian and overseas jurisdictions will also be considered.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are available from the Committee’s website.

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