New research paper on children in state care

Library Fellowship Paper 22 03 2016 THUMB 3

The health care needs of children in statutory out-of-home care are examined in a research paper released today by the Victorian Parliamentary Library.

The paper was written by Parliamentary Library Fellow, Dr Susan Webster who is also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne.

Dr Webster has reviewed the history of this issue in Victoria and examines the important legislative and policy questions facing Victorian governments.

She provides a retrospective analysis of past Victorian government responses to the health care needs of children in out-of-home care.

Dr Webster delivered the paper at a seminar held in the Parliamentary Library today for Victorian parliamentarians.

The research paper is titled 'Children and young people in statutory out-of-home care: health needs and health care in the 21st century'.

The annual Victorian Parliamentary Library Fellowship provides academics, scholars, PhD students and post-doctoral candidates with an opportunity to undertake research to advance parliamentary and political studies in Victoria, as well as address issues of public policy.

Library Fellows utilise the Parliamentary Library’s historical collection and resources and are invited to deliver forums and papers of topical interest to members of parliament.

Parliamentary Library Fellow, Dr Webster delivers her paper

Parliamentary Library Fellow, Dr Webster delivers her paper.

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