Skills development for Pacific parliaments

Fiji WhipsFijian MPs and senior staff of the Nauru Parliament have undertaken professional development programs at the Victorian Parliament.

The programs were delivered as part of twinning arrangements the Victorian Parliament has with the Parliaments of Fiji, Nauru and Tuvalu.

Five parliamentary whips from Fiji held a workshop with Victorian whips to discuss the roles and responsibilities associated with this key parliamentary position. Also participating in the workshop was a former whip from New Zealand.

Parliamentary whips help to manage a number of parliamentary processes and play an important coordination and liaison role among MPs.

As Fiji has recently returned to parliamentary democracy, the workshop was a valuable opportunity for the Fijian MPs to discuss with their counterparts in Victoria the requirements and challenges associated with the job of a whip.

One of the outcomes of the workshop was the preparation of a detailed duty statement that can assist the Fijian whips define their role and responsibilities within their parliament.

Whips Workshop

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Parliamentary whips from Fiji attending the workshop at Victoria's Parliament House.

For the senior staff of the Nauru Parliament, the focus of their attachment was to explore the options for development of a modern library service for their parliament.

They worked with staff of the Victorian Parliamentary Library, who provided advice on contemporary library and information services.

The Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships program is supported by the Australian Government and the United Nations Development Programme.

Nauru Parliamentary Staff

Senior staff from the Nauru Parliament working in the Victorian Parliamentary Library. 


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