Invasive animals inquiry seeks solutions

Invasive animals inquiryA Victorian parliamentary committee has launched an inquiry into invasive animals on Crown land.

The Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee is inviting community input to the inquiry so that it can identify the scale of the problem in Victoria and get people’s views on how best to deal with it.

“The Government and Committee members know this is a big problem and of great interest to many people across Victoria,” said Committee Chair Bronwyn Halfpenny (Member for Thomastown).

“Concerns have been raised with our Committee members by landowners, sport and hunting groups and other people in their electorates,” she said.

“This inquiry will enable us to find out what is working and what isn’t, and what more can be done to tackle the problem of invasive animals.”

Deer, foxes, rabbits, feral pigs and feral goats are some of the main species causing issues, said Deputy Chair Tim McCurdy (Member for Ovens Valley).

“We want to hear from the people who face these challenges on a regular basis and get their advice on ways to address the problems that are occurring on their land,” he said.

Committee members understand that many of the people they want to hear from are busy running businesses and working on their properties. They have invited people to share their views and experiences with the Committee so that effective solutions can be found.

Committee members encourage community input

“Submissions can be as short or as long as people like. The important thing is for people to outline how the problem is affecting them and what they think will help solve the issues they are facing.” Bill Tilley (Member for Benambra)

“We need to hear from regional communities regarding what is happening in their local area. I encourage people to participate; their feedback will contain important local information and experiences, helping us to understand the extent of this problem." Vicki Ward (Member for Eltham)

“This is an important inquiry for regional Victoria. We want to tap into the knowledge of people who are dealing with the consequences of invasive animals so that we can make meaningful recommendations to address the problems.” Simon Ramsay (Member for Western Victoria)

“It’s crucial that we understand how the issue is affecting people in different areas of Victoria and whether the ways to tackle the problem, including through hunting, vary from region to region.” Daniel Young (Member for Northern Victoria)

“This inquiry is about getting the facts and finding good, practical solutions for government to implement.” Tim Richardson (Member for Mordialloc)

Making a submission

Submissions can be made until 8 August 2016. More details about the inquiry, including how to make a submission and the terms of reference, are available from the Committee’s website.


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