Powering community energy projects

Powering community energy projectsThe Victorian Parliament is looking at ways to power up community energy projects in Victoria and is inviting input from the public.

The Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee is investigating the benefits of community ownership in the energy sector and ways to encourage and support communities that wish to establish local renewable energy projects.

“Community energy projects have the potential to develop the local economy, create local jobs and match energy production with local needs,” said Committee Chair, Mr Nazih Elasmar.

“There are several successful community energy projects operating in Victoria, which are providing social and economic benefits to their community and we are interested in learning from them.

“We want to know how we can best support communities that are trying to establish energy projects and help them to overcome any barriers they may face.”

Mr Elasmar said the inquiry will investigate the different types of renewable energy sources that could be used in such projects. It will also consider the specific challenges to establishing community energy projects in metropolitan areas.

“The Committee is interested in hearing from community groups that are running projects as well as those that are considering or in the process of establishing a project,” he said.

“We also welcome the views of individuals and organisations involved in the energy sector.”

Submissions to the inquiry are open until 29 September 2016.

Details on how to make a submission and the inquiry’s terms of reference are available from the Committee’s website.


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