Call for submissions on youth justice centres

Youth JusticePublic submissions can now be made for the parliamentary inquiry into youth justice centres in Victoria.

The inquiry by the Legal and Social Issues Committee will examine issues arising at youth justice centres, including at Parkville and Malmsbury.

The terms of reference require the Committee to look into:

1. matters relating to incidents including definitions, numbers and any changes to the reporting of incidents; 

2. the security and safety of staff, employees and young offenders at both facilities; 

3. reasons for, and effects of, the increase in the numbers of young people on remand in the last 10 years; 

4. implications of incarcerating young people who have significant exposure to trauma, alcohol and/or other drug misuse and/or the child protection system, or who have issues associated with mental health or intellectual functioning, in relation to— 

  • the likelihood of reoffending; 
  • the implications of separating young people from their communities and cultures; 

5. additional options for keeping young people out of youth justice centres; 

6. the culture, policies, practices and reporting of management at the centres; 

7. the role of the Department of Health and Human Services in overseeing practices at the centres.

The Committee will soon visit both the Parkville and Malmsbury Centres.

“This is an opportunity for people who have experience of youth justice centres to present their views to our cross-party Committee so that we can make appropriate recommendations back to the Parliament,” Committee Chair Mr Edward O’Donohue said.

Public submissions can now be made and the Committee will conduct public hearings during 2017.

The terms of reference and more details on the inquiry are available from the Committee’s website.


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