Tour Parliament House without leaving home

3D ToursOur new virtual tours give you the chance to take an online stroll through Parliament House.

The Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council chambers, Library, Queen’s Hall and Vestibule all feature on this virtual journey through one of Victoria’s most significant landmarks.

Produced by Scann3D, the virtual tours will be of particular benefit to people who are not readily able to visit our building, including people who live outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.

They can also be used for education purposes, allowing students to experience the place where Members of Parliament make laws and debate issues of relevance to all Victorians.

It’s part of our efforts to make more digital resources available to people interested in finding out about the Victorian Parliament and the historic building in which it meets.

Virtual Tours - Assembly Virtual Tours - CouncilVirtual Tours - Library Virtual Tours - Queen's Hall

Click here to visit Parliament of Victoria's virtual tours.