Legislative Council opens up to e‑petitions

E-petitionsThe Legislative Council has introduced e‑petitions, providing a 21st century update for a longstanding parliamentary tradition.

Petitions are an important part of the democratic process as they allow community members to raise issues directly with parliamentarians.

Introduction of e‑petitions will allow for greater community engagement in this democratic tradition.

The introduction of e‑petitions to the Legislative Council’s petitioning process was developed by its Procedure Committee and approved by the Council in February following a Council resolution in 2016 that e‑petitions should be adopted.

Related changes to the Council’s operational rules (Standing Orders) now enable e‑petitions to be presented by Members of the Legislative Council during the ‘formal business’ stage of proceedings.

Only e‑petitions hosted on the Parliament of Victoria website can be submitted for tabling in the Legislative Council. The usual rules for making a petition will still apply.

Community members can use an e‑petition to bring a local or state-wide issue to the Council’s attention and the new system facilitates the use of social media to raise awareness of an e‑petition among the broader community.

Once published, any Victorian resident will be able to join an e‑petition.

For more information, see the Legislative Council’s e‑petitions webpage.

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