Victorian Parliament makes White Ribbon history

White Ribbon WorkplaceThe Victorian Parliament has made White Ribbon history by becoming the first parliament in the world to achieve White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation.

White Ribbon Australia has today officially recognised the Victorian Parliament as a pioneer in contributing to national cultural change to prevent and respond to violence against women.

Legislative Council President Bruce Atkinson and Legislative Assembly Speaker Colin Brooks welcomed the accreditation announcement.

“This is a significant achievement for the Victorian Parliament and makes us a world leader in helping to prevent violence against women,” the Presiding Officers said.

White Ribbon Certificate“Our Parliament’s White Ribbon working group has brought together members of parliament, electorate officers and parliamentary staff working together to ensure that our shared workplace is committed to the change that is needed nationally to prevent violence against women that affects so many lives.”

The working group co-chairs are Gabrielle Williams MP and Brian Paynter MP.

Announcing the accreditation, White Ribbon Australia recognised that over the past 18 months the Victorian Parliament has demonstrated effective leadership, resource allocation, communication, HR policy development and training to create a safer and more respectful workplace, supporting MPs and staff to be respectful across all spheres.

“This White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation sends an important message to the community about the Parliament’s commitment to be a leader in making our community a safer and more respectful place for women,” the Presiding Officers said.

“We hope our accreditation will also be a rallying call for other Australian parliaments to join with us in an ongoing and sustainable commitment to preventing violence against women.”

White Ribbon Australia noted that 122 organisations across the nation are now accredited White Ribbon workplaces.

White Ribbon working group

Members of Parliament's White Ribbon working group, including the Presiding Officers, MPs,
electorate officers and parliamentary staff. 


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