Appreciation for multicultural media

Multicultural Media ReceiptionMulticultural media representatives have been thanked for their contribution to Victoria’s vibrant community.

At a reception in their honour held at Parliament House, the President of the Legislative Council, Bruce Atkinson praised the work that multicultural media do and encouraged them to engage regularly with parliament, so that their diverse audiences can better understand the work and processes of parliament.

In particular, Mr Atkinson emphasised the importance of people participating in the public inquiries conducted by parliamentary committees, and encouraged multicultural media to keep their audiences informed of those inquiries so that the diversity of voices that make up the Victorian community can be heard by parliament.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott and Shadow Minister Inga Peulich also attended the reception, along with other MPs, and echoed the remarks by Mr Atkinson.

They highlighted the important role of multicultural media, helping to ensure that the wide variety of community groups here in Victoria are kept well informed of news and events locally and in their countries of origin.

Mr Scott and Ms Peulich also encouraged regular contact between multicultural media and parliament to help the many Victorian community groups participate actively in the democratic and civic life of our state.

Multicultural media Reception


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