Whips join forces for learning workshop

Fiji Whips workshopMPs from Victoria, New Zealand and Fiji have shared insights and experience at a workshop held at Parliament House in Melbourne.

Focusing on the multifaceted role of parliamentary whips, the workshop was arranged by the Victorian Parliament and the United Nations Development Programme, with support from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

In a parliamentary context, whips are elected members of parliament who play a crucial role in coordinating the participation of MPs from their political party in the sittings of parliament and in other parliamentary activities, such as committee work.

The workshop was one of the professional development exchanges made possible through the Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships program, under which the Victorian Parliament is twinned with the Fiji Parliament.

Since Fiji’s return to democracy in 2014, the Victorian and Fiji Parliaments have undertaken more than 55 professional development projects together, strengthening the capacity of MPs and parliamentary staff in fulfilling their representative and legislative responsibilities.

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