Swapping legislation for lab coats

National Science WeekOn Saturday 10 August, Victoria’s major National Science Week event will be held at Parliament House.

Extrasensory will bring together leading scientists, artists, storytellers and performers from around Australia and the world for an evening of virtual reality, presentations, art installations, music, food and entertainment.

From 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm visitors will wander through the building experiencing the exhibits and taking part in experiments that explore the weird and wonderful ways science impacts how and what we see, taste, smell, touch and hear.

At 6:30 pm Dr Darlene Lim, geobiologist from the Ames Research Center at NASA, will give a presentation in the Legislative Assembly chamber on her Mars analogue research, which explores inhospitable, ‘Mars like’ environments on Earth to expand our knowledge of deep space. 

“Victoria is home to some of the world’s leading sensory scientists and institutions,” said Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Colin Brooks. “Extrasensory is Parliament’s way of supporting and celebrating their work by putting science and innovation in this state in the spotlight,” he said.

Visitors to Extrasensory will be able to take a virtual walk inside a human cell, gaze up at a constellation on Parliament’s ceiling, hear from leading experts on sensory advancements in artificial intelligence, touch and explore a giant book with 3D models of human blood cells, join a tasting session to learn how different compounds affect the aroma and flavour of beverages, and virtually transport themselves to a café in Paris to understand how location can affect the taste of food.

“This is a great opportunity for young people to have fun with science,” said President of the Legislative Council Shaun Leane. “It’s a unique chance to come and learn about sensory science while experiencing areas of Parliament House they may not have seen before,” he said.

This is a ticketed event recommended for people aged 16-35. More information is available from the ticketing webpage.

Extrasensory is presented by the Victorian coordinating committee for National Science Week, The Royal Society of Victoria and the Parliament of Victoria.





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