State of the Future report presented

SOTF web1The headline issues concerning young Victorians have been outlined in the State of the Future report presented to MPs at Parliament House.

Mental health, transport, cost of living, safety and social profiling were the key issues identified by a group of young Victorians who led a six-month consultation process with other youth in metropolitan and regional areas.

They presented their findings at a roundtable discussion chaired by Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Colin Brooks and attended by MPs Fiona Patten and Tien Kieu (Chair and Deputy Chair of the Legislative Council Legal and Social Issues Committee) and Sam Hibbins (Public Accounts and Estimates Committee member).

The State of the Future project is a joint initiative between the Victorian Parliament and YLab Global. It is designed to provide young people with greater opportunities to talk directly to their elected representatives and engage in our democratic processes.

During the roundtable, the MPs and YLab team discussed how the information in the report can be used for future actions. The suggestions raised will be incorporated into a final report to be completed soon.

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