First submissions for Fiskville inquiry

Fiskville firefighting 2

The first submissions have been received for the parliamentary inquiry into the CFA training college at Fiskville.

The submissions are being considered by the Victorian Parliament’s Environment and Natural Resources Committee and are available on the committee’s website at:

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Warm welcome for Sri Lanka cricket team

Sri Lanka cricket 1

Sri Lanka's World Cup cricket team has visited the Victorian Parliament, receiving an enthusiastic welcome from MPs and community members.

Speaker Telmo Languiller officially greeted the team when they attended a sitting of the Legislative Assembly.

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Victorian support for Fiji committees

Fiji committees

Newly established parliamentary committees in Fiji will be assisted by the Victorian Parliament.

A senior Victorian committee specialist is going on attachment to the Fiji Parliament to help train committee staff and to work with them in developing the processes and systems needed for effective committee work.

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IBAC interest for Trinidad delegation

Speakers meet

Australia's electoral and anti-corruption processes are key areas of interest for a parliamentary delegation from Trinidad and Tobago visiting this week.

Led by Speaker Wade Mark, the Trinidad and Tobago delegation was officially welcomed to Victoria at Parliament House by Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Telmo Languiller and President of the Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson.

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Updates on Fiskville inquiry

Fiskville inquiry call for submissions

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