Terms and Conditions

If you wish to join or create an e-petition, you will need to accept the following terms and conditions:

The details you enter when signing or creating the e-petition must be true and accurate.

Once an e-petition closes, there is no ability to add or remove signatures from the petition or the tabled document. 

All current e-petitions will be accessible from the Parliament of Victoria website. An e-petition can be posted on the website for a minimum period of 1 week and a maximum of 6 months. Only the sponsoring member (who must be a member of the Legislative Assembly) may request that the Clerk extend the petition duration. Once an e-petition is tabled (i.e. presented to the Legislative Assembly) it will be removed from the website.

Only the email address of the sponsoring petitioner will be made public on the website. The personal details of people who join e-petitions will not be published in any form on the website. The website will only show a tally of the number of signatures collected. Once presented to Legislative Assembly, e-petitions become public documents and the details of the e-petition, including the names and addresses of signatories, may be accessed, on request, from the Legislative Assembly Procedure Office. The Privacy Statement on the website details how your personal information is protected.

As with paper petitions, the sponsoring petitioner and signatories are responsible for raising awareness in the community about the availability of the specific e-petition. A guide to assist sponsoring petitioners promote their e-petitions has been developed by and is available on request from the Clerk. The Parliament of Victoria‘s role is only to facilitate the e-petitions process.

The sponsoring petitioner is responsible for identifying a member of the Legislative Assembly to sponsor their e-petition in Parliament. There is no obligation on the part of any member of Parliament to sponsor an e-petition. Neither the Parliament of Victoria nor any member of Parliament sponsoring an e-petition necessarily endorses the views or information contained in any e-petition posted on the website or tabled in Parliament.