Legislative Assembly

Today is a sitting day

The Legislative Assembly is the Lower House of the Parliament of Victoria. From this page you can access all the information that is specific to the Assembly including the agenda (the notice paper), the minutes (the Votes and Proceedings), members and staff.

2020 sitting dates — updated May 2020


Government business program

[Bills to be dealt with by 5pm on Thursday 4 June 2020]

Petroleum Legislation Amendment Bill 2020
Retail Leases Amendment Bill 2019
Wage Theft Bill 2020

For information on new bills and decisions on bills visit the bills this week page.

Order of business for Wdnesday 3 June 2020

The sitting starts at 9.30 am
Formal business
Members' statements
Statements on parliamentary committee reports
Government business
Question time - 11.00 am
Government business continued
Grievance debate - 2.00 pm
Government business continued

Notice paper (agenda)

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