Electronic Petitions

E-petitions for presentation to the Council are hosted on the Parliament of Victoria website and are subject to the terms and conditions of use. Online petitions hosted on sites such as Change.org cannot be accepted.

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In addition to the rules and procedures that apply to all petitions (set out on the main petition webpage here) the following rules also apply specifically to e-petitions:

Standing Order 10.10 — E-Petitions

  1. Standing Orders 10.01 to 10.09 apply except in relation to the requirement for a petitioner’s signature
  2. A principal petitioner may lodge an e-petition with the Clerk for publication on the Parliament’s website.
  3. The Clerk will decline to publish an e-petition not in conformity with Standing Orders.
    1. The posted period for an e-petition is to be nominated by the principal petitioner and is to be a minimum of one week and a maximum of six months from the date of publication.
    2. At the conclusion of the posted period, the principal petitioner may extend the posted period up to a maximum of six months on request to the Clerk.
    3. The principal petitioner may close the posted period of an e-petition prior to the nominated conclusion date on request to the Clerk.
    4. In the event that the Council is due to expire pursuant to section 28(2) of the Constitution Act 1975 within six months from the date of publication of an e-petition, the maximum posted period will be determined by the Clerk.
  4. Once published an e-petition cannot be altered.
  5. Persons may become signatories to (join) an e-petition by electronically providing their name, address and signifying their intention to join the petition.
  6. For the duration of the posted period of an e-petition, signatories may be progressively presented as a petition to the House
  7. Upon progressive presentation of signatories to the House, the publicly displayed number of persons who have joined that e-petition will re-set to zero.
  8. For the purposes of the records of the House, each progressive presentation of an e-petition will be recorded as a separate petition.
  9. On any occasion of progressive presentation and once the posted period for an e-petition has elapsed, a paper copy of the petition shall be printed by the Clerk in full for presentation by a Member.

Any personal information provided for the creation of or to join an e-petition will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided.


E-petitions for presentation to the Council came into effect in early 2017 following a resolution of the House in 2016. The Procedure Committee reported on the adoption of an e-petitions system in their report tabled in November 2016, available here.