Questions Without Notice

Questions without Notice - written response directed by the President

Council Standing Order 8.07 requires all answers to questions without notice to be direct, factual, succinct and relevant. The President may determine an answer to a question without notice or a supplementary question unresponsive and direct the Minister to provide a written response. The President may order one further written response if it is determined that the written response did not appropriately answer the question under Sessional Order 14.

Written responses to questions directed to a:

  • Council Minister's portfolio are due within one business day; and
  • Minister representing a Minister from the Assembly within two business days.

These responses are due at least 15 minutes prior to Question Time if they are due on a sitting day or at 12.00 noon if they are due on a day when the Council is not sitting.

All answers should be submitted (PDF and Word) to

An optional answer template can be downloaded here.

A copy of the answer is given to the Member who asked the question and published in the weekly Hansard.

Tracking the status of Responses

This spreadsheet lists all questions without notice that have had a written response ordered by the President in the Council. It also indicates whether a response has been received (and the date it was processed). This is published after each sitting day.

Questions Without Notice Spreadsheet  xlsxWritten_Responses_to_Questions_Without_Notice.xlsx54.86 KB

Archived Questions without Notice

Tracking questions without notice requiring a written reponse for the 58th Parliament can be accessed below. Answers were published in Hansard

58th Parliament

xlsWritten_responses_to_QWoN_-_58th_Parliament.xls5.15 MB