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Who is eligible to initiate or sign an e-petition?

Any resident of Victoria is eligible to sign a petition or e-petition.

My address is not accepted, what can I do?

Only Victorian auto completed addresses can be accepted for an e-petition.  

If the website is not able to correctly identify your address, please troubleshoot by:

  1. Updating your browser to the latest version
  2. Ensuring your browser location settings are enabled
  3. Entering your address as it appears in Google Maps for example: Street Number, Street Name, Suburb, State

What is an e-petition?

An e-petition is a variation on the traditional paper petition system which allows people to create and sign a petition through the Legislative Council e-petition website.

How do I create an e-petition?

  1. Lodge an e-petition request form through the Council’s e-petitions website here
  2. The request form is reviewed by the Clerk or the Clerk’s delegate to ensure compliance with Standing Orders.
  3. If accepted the e-petition will be posted on the Parliament of Victoria website for the period requested in the form and the principal petitioner notified that the e-petition is now live, along with a link to it.
  4. The e-petition will be live to accept signatures until the time nominated on the request form (up to a maximum of 6 months).

NB: In order for an e-petition to be tabled in the House, it must be sponsored by a Member of the Legislative Council. A Member can agree to sponsor an e-petition at any time, including after the e-petition has closed.

I submitted an e-petition but it’s not on the website. Where is it?

E-petitions are reviewed by the Clerk or the Clerk’s delegate to ensure compliance with Standing Orders. Once approved the e-petition will go live on the website and the principal petitioner will be notified via email.

Who should I address my petition to?

Rules for the format of petitions, both paper and electronic, can be found here.

I’m not sure whether my e-petition meets the requirements, how can I get help?

Rules for the format of petitions, both paper and electronic, can be found here.

Alternately you may contact the Chamber Support Office via epetitions.council@parliament.vic.gov.au or 03 9651 8678.

Will my personal details be published?

The personal details of those signing a petition will not be published online, however, all petitions – both electronic and paper – may be requested to be viewed in full, including names and addresses of signatories, after they have been tabled in the House.

The email address of the principal petitioner will be published as the contact for the e-petition.

Can there be more than one e-petition on the same topic?


How long are e-petitions published on the Parliament website?

E-petitions that are tabled in the Legislative Council are listed on the Parliament website for the length of the Parliament they were tabled in.

E-petitions that have been closed and are not sponsored by a Member will remain on the Parliament website for a duration of 12 months. If 12 months pass after the conclusion of the posted period without Member sponsorship, all record of the e-petition, including personal information provided by the principal petitioner and any signatories, will be removed from the system and will not be retained.

Can the closing date be changed?

Yes. The principal petitioner can apply to extend or reduce the posted period of their e-petition by lodging a request in writing to the Clerk.

Once an e-petition is tabled, can it gather more signatures and be tabled again (progressive tabling)?


If you want your e-petition to gather more signatures after it is tabled, please inform the Chamber Support Office on epetitions.council@parliament.vic.gov.au or 03 9651 8678. Once your e-petition is tabled the signature count will be recorded, and a new count started for the new signatories to your e-petition.

Note your e-petition will need to be closed to signatures for a period before it is tabled, while Council staff prepare it for the House. “See How long before it is tabled does an e-petition need to close to new signatures?” for more.

What is Parliament’s privacy policy for e-petitions?

The Parliament’s privacy policy for e-petitions can be found here.

What are the conditions of use for e-petitions?

The Parliament’s conditions of use policy for e-petitions can be found here.

Can I still submit a paper petition to the Parliament?

Yes. Paper petitions continue to be accepted for tabling. Each House has different rules relating to paper petitions.

For more information on paper petitions in the Council click here and in the Assembly click here

Can people under 18 years of age sign a petition?

Yes. Any resident of Victoria can sign, regardless of age.

Can a company name be used as the principal petitioner?

Yes. Petitions from corporations must be made under their common seal. To instigate an e-petition as a corporation please contact via email or call 03 9651 8678 for assistance.

Can a paper petition and an e-petition of the same wording be active simultaneously?

Yes, however they will be treated as separate petitions.

After an e-petition closes, can a new e-petition with the same wording be instigated?


Can an e-petition be posted on the internet when Parliament is prorogued?

Yes, subject to approval by the Clerk.

Can the principal petitioner's address be a PO box number?

No, you must provide a Victorian residential address.

Can a signature be removed from an e-petition?

Before a petition has closed, a signatory may request their name be removed from an e-petition. Once a petition has closed, names can no longer before removed. Please contact the Chamber Support Office for more information email or phone 03 9651 8674.

What is the minimum number of signatures required for an e-petition to be tabled?

An e-petition must have at least one signature.

Can a principal petitioner sign their own petition?


Can a signatory sign an e-petition more than once?

No, signatories may only join an e-petition or paper petition once.

I have a e-petition on another website, can I upload these signatures?

The Legislative Council can only accept e-petitions that are instigated via the e-petitions page on the Parliament of Victoria website. Petitions from other websites such as Change.org cannot be accepted for presentation.

Are e-petitions available in the Legislative Assembly?

Yes. For more information, see Legislative Assembly - E-Petitions.

What happens after an e-petition is tabled?

Once an e-petition is tabled it becomes a public document, which forms part of the original records of the Council and its terms are published in Hansard.

The Clerk communicates the terms of each tabled petition to the relevant Minister.

Can my e-petition be in a language other than English?

E-petitions have the capacity to be presented in a foreign language with a certified translation.

To instigate an e-petition in a language other than English please contact via email or call 03 9651 8678 for assistance.