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The Petition of certain citizens of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that WorkCover insurers need to help more and get things moving faster to make it easier for injured workers. We are innocent and should not be treated as just a number. The waiting process needs to be reformed. It should not take years for long-term injuries. At the moment we have to fight for everything that is medically required or requested by doctors, which adds more stress. Not only do we fight our injury, our pain or mental distress, we have to fight WorkCover insurers. This has to change.

The process needs to be reformed to ensure the injured workers are not persecuted for something they did not ask to happen. Reforms will help the injured get back their quality of life, help mentally and physically, provide security and help put the claim behind them and move on. They are the innocent ones who never asked for this and should not wait 8-10 years or more for a clam to be processed.

Once liability for injury is accepted by the insurers we should be able to get on with trying to get our quality of life back. We have already lost enough, including careers, homes and friends. By reforming the claims process, it could make it easier for us all to get the matter to court faster. Some cases are taking eight to 10 years or longer. Some will commit suicide before it ends due to loss and struggling with losing homes, family, as well as their life. This is not fair.

We also need help to get the aids and assistance required. No one wants to ask for help because of all the red tape. It takes 28 days for a medical or an Occupational Therapy request. This worsens our condition.

Even in complex cases or complicated ones, if our doctors say we need this or that then we need it as soon as possible without having to wait for decision to made, which can take 28 days or more. That does not help us. It makes our condition worse. So please look at the process, we need it reformed for the injured workers not to be persecuted for something we did not ask to happen.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to introduce WorkCover and WorkSafe reforms so that it is easier for victims to get the process sped up, to receive the treatment they require and to remove the red tape and questioning of specialists or General Practitioners who request things for their patients.
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