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Fishermans Bend Public Transport alternatives
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that the Fishermans Bend Panel Review only considered a tram crossing from Collins Street to Lorimer Street, as identified in Jacobs Report. The Review acknowledged that any alternatives were outside their Terms of Reference.

Considering the tram proposal was to provide public transport to Fishermans Bend, which will not be completed until 2050, why would you look at old transport options when there are already cheaper and better options available and at this point only trains could carry the expected number of commuters.

Public Transport Victoria’s proposal would have the highest costs considering the costs involved with a tram crossing, including an expensive bridge over the West Gate Freeway, and the expense of acquisitions that would also create major disruptions over many years.

Possible class action by residents and boat owners at Marina YE also needs to be considered by the Government. Prior to the 2018 election the Andrews Government suggested that there would be $1 million available for a further inquiry to look at new alternatives and it was hoped that it would be carried out in the near future and that stakeholder consultation would occur.

Other options that should be considered include —
(1) an Immersed Tube under the Yarra to eliminate traffic congestion coming from the Port of Melbourne, with trucks carrying containers being replaced by using automated robotics which would eliminate the need for an expensive tram crossing; and
(2) “Trackless Trams”, the latest in transport innovation and technology, which are neither trams or buses, they run on roads with rubber wheels, can reach speeds of up to 70 km per hour, carry up to 500 passengers, can recharge batteries at stops in 30 seconds and are approximately 10 per cent the cost of Light Rail Construction.

Hopefully an alternative will be considered favourably which would eliminate current residents and businesses uncertainty at the Docklands and Yarra’s Edge.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council appoint an independent panel to review public transport alternatives at Fishermans Bend, including an Immersed Tube under the Yarra and ‘trackless trams’.
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