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Black Saturday bushfires compensation
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the Victorian Coroner’s findings in relation to the origin and cause of the Murrindindi and Kilmore East-Kinglake Black Saturday bushfires, which found SP Ausnet responsible, with electricity assets failing through operator negligence.

These findings were made in September 2015 (Murrindindi) and February 2016 (Kilmore East-Kinglake), post settlement of the class action by SP Ausnet on 23 December 2014. As a result bushfire survivors were denied access to crucial information in pursuing their claim.

$700 million has been provided to bushfire survivors. The Royal Commission into the bushfires found the actual cost of the fires was over $4 billion. Individual claimants have thus ended up being compensated for as little as four per cent of their economic loss and personal damage.

The Murrindindi Class Action allocated $34 million for injury-dependency personal claimants. At its highest, this represents $850,000 for each of the 40 lives lost, which is only 23 per cent of the Victorian Government’s and Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission’s valuation of $3.7 million for each life lost. The $850,000 excludes provisions for the deduction of compensation paid for non-death personal injury claims.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to take the necessary action to require SP Ausnet (now AusNet Services) to make additional compensation payments to survivors of the Murrindindi and Kilmore East-Kinglake Black Saturday bushfires for the substantial physical, material and emotional losses they have suffered and continue to suffer.
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