Index to Argus reports on First Legislative Council proceedings

An index to the Argus newspaper was produced, covering the period of the First Legislative Council's existence, from 1851-56. This has been digitised and provided as an aide to locating specific issues dealt with by the Council.

The index was produced in two separate parts, 1846-54 and 1855-59. As the digitised files were very large, they have been broken up into sections of around 10MB.

Note that the index covered the entire contents of the Argus, so there will be much material extraneous to the First Legislative Council.


Index to the Argus newspaper 1846-54

A'beckett to Ballarat Ballarat to Campbell Campbell to Coulstock Coutts to Geelong Geelong to Hargraves
Hargraves to Kilburn Kilburn to Melbourne Melbourne to Moody Moonee Ponds to Police Office Police Office to St Kilda Road
St Patricks Society to Ships Ships to Theatre Theatre to Victoria Victoria to YMCA  


Index to the Argus newspaper 1855-59

A'beckett to Aborigines Aborigines to Aeronautics Age to Agriculture Agriculture to Albury Albury to Americans in Australia
Amherst to Ararat Ararat to Argus Argus to Art and Artists Art and Artists to Austin Australasian Botanical and Horticultural Society to Australia
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Banks and Banking to Barker Barkly to Baylie Bayne to Bellambi Benalla to Bendigo Bendigo to Benevolent Societies
Bennett to Bloomerism Blue Mountain to Brisbane Brisbane School of Arts to Bushfires Bushrangers to Caledonian Society of Victoria Callaghan to Carngham
Caroline Chisholm to Church of England NSW Carpenters and Joiners Trade Society to Castlemaine Castlemaine to Caufmann Caulfield to Chess Chess to Chinese in Australia
Chinese in Australia to Caroline Chisholm Church of England NSW to Circus Citizens Committee to Clay Clifford to Cohen Cohen to Collingwood Provident Society
Collingwood Stockade to Cooper Cope to Crawford Cremorne Gardens to Cricket Cricket to Crime and Criminals Crime and Criminals to Crimea
Crimea to Darling River Darvall to Denison Dennington to Dry Dubbo to Dyes Eades to Electric Telegraph
Electric Telegraph to Emerald Hill Cricket Club Emerald Hill District Visiting Society to Evangelical Alliance of Victoria Evans to Fawkner Fellows to Fish and Fisheries Fisher to Flour
Flowers to Free Trade and Protection Free Trade and Protection to Gabo Island Gabrielli to Geelong Geelong Geelong to Geelong Steam Navigation Company
Geelong Teachers Association to Gisborne Gisborne to Gold NSW Gold NSW to Gold Victoria Gold Victoria Gold Victoria to Greendale
Greenwood to Hargraves Hargraves to Heidelberg Helican to Hobart Hobart Town City Mission to Horse Racing NSW Horse Racing NSW to Horse Racing Victoria
Horse Racing Victoria to Horticultural Improvement Society of NSW Horticultural Society of Victoria to Hull Humane Society to Immigration Immigration to Ingles Inland Navigation to Irish in Australia
Irish in Australia to Juvenile Traders Association Juvenile Traders Association to Kerr Kerr to Knight Krefft to Labour and Labouring Classes Labour and Labouring Classes
Labour and Labouring Classes to Lang Lang to Law and Lawyers Law and Lawyers Law and Lawyers to Lighthouses Lighthouses to Liquor Trade
Lismore to McCulloch McDermott to Maidment Maidstone to Martin Maryborough to Mechanics Institutions Mechanics Institutes to Mercer 
Melbourne - Corporation Melbourne - Corporation to Melbourne - Corporation - Fire Brigades Melbourne - Corporation - Fire Brigades to Melbourne - Corporation - Parks and Gardens Melbourne - Corporation - Port - Melbourne - Corporation - Social Conditions Melbourne - Corporation - Streets to Melbourne - Corporation - Central Market
Melbourne Chamber of Commerce to Melbourne Hospital Melbourne Hunt Club to Melbourne Public Library Melbourne Public Library to Mildura Milford to Moir Molesworth to Mt Barker Agricultural Association
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NSW - General NSW - General to Newspapers and Periodicals Newspapers and Periodicals to North Melbourne North Melbourne to O'Shanassy O'Shanassy to Pearson
Pearson to Philosophical Society of Victoria Philp to Port Albert Port Albert to Port Phillip Farmers Society Port Phillip Gold Mining Society to Prahran Reform Association Prendergast to Prisons
Prize Fighting to Rawkins Read to Richmond Riddell to Roads and Bridges Roads and Bridges to Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church to St Andrews Immigration Society
Saint to Schnapper Point School of Arts to Schools Scoresby to Shillinglaw Shipbuilding to Ships Ships - 1
Ships - 2 Ships - 3 Ships - 4 Ships - 5 Ships to Slang
Slate to Smyth Smyth to South Australia South Australia to South Melbourne South Melbourne to Stephen Stephen to Strawberries
Strikes and Lockouts to Sydney Sydney to Sydney Yacht Club Syme to Tasmania Tasmania to Theatre Theatre to Theatre - Victoria
Theatre - Victoria - 1 Theatre - Victoria - 2 Theatre - Victoria - 3 Theatre - Victoria - 4 Theatre - Victoria - 5
Theatre - Victoria - 6 Theatre - Victoria to Torres Strait Tourist Traffic to Truganina Tumut to Victoria Victoria to Victoria - Civil Service
Victoria - Commerce to Victoria - Defence Victoria - Economic Conditions to Victoria - Geological Survey Victoria - Governor to Victoria - Land Question Victoria - Land Question to Victoria - Legislature Victoria - Legislature - 1 
Victoria - Legislature - 2 Victoria - Legislature - 3 Victoria - Legislature - 4 Victoria - Legislature to Victoria 1 Victoria 1
Victoria 2 to Victoria Fire and Marine Insurance Co Victoria Freehold Land Society to Victoria Loan Society Victoria Press Cricket Club to Vignolles Villiers and Heytesbury Agricultural Association to Warrenheip Warrnambool to Wells
Welsh in Australia to Wesleyan Church Weslyan Church to Weston Whaling to Willunga Wilmot to Wood Wood to Zoological Society