Constituency Questions No 1138
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 11 September 2019

Constituency Question

Ms Staley to ask the Minister for Education — My constituency question is to the Minister for Education. Will the minister work with the Treasurer and the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change to create a solution for government schools in my electorate of Ripon who are unable to access council recycling collections? Last Tuesday I visited the Maryborough Education Centre, where I met with Lynda McLean, who is the canteen manager; and a number of teachers and a couple of students who have taken it upon themselves to separate out the recyclable materials, to personally take them home and put them in their bins and to use as much as they can around the school to recycle. The reason they have to do this is that being a government school they do not pay rates and therefore the council does not come and collect their rubbish. This should change.  

Answered: 30 October 2019
The Andrews Labor Government supports sustainability through a number of environmental programs, making sustainability in schools a more achievable goal. It is encouraging that the students and staff of the Maryborough Education Centre have taken such an active and passionate stance on recycling and sustainability within their school.


The Department of Education and Training will support the school to:


  • Explore options within the community to address the school's goals to embed recycling and sustainability within the school.


  • Link to the ResourceSmart Schools program which is an award winning Victorian Government program that assists schools to embed sustainability into their school community.


  • Link to the Sustainability Services Panel which can recommend consultants who can advise the schools through a waste review on how the school can become more efficient and sustainable.



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The Hon James Merlino MP

Deputy Premier

Minister for Education