Questions on Notice No 6206
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 6 October 2021

Question on Notice

Dr Read to ask the Minister for Roads and Road Safety — Will all roads in the Moreland local government area have their maximum speed limit set to 40km per hour; if so, when will this occur.


Answered: 23 November 2021

As you may appreciate, the Department of Transport (DoT) receives many requests to consider changes to speed limits across the network.


The Victorian Speed Zoning Guidelines outline the decision-making principles DoT follows to ensure speed limits are set in a consistent and credible way, and provide an appropriate balance between safety, mobility, and liveability. This includes consideration for safety records, volumes of different transport users, level of access provided along routes, the nature of road environments, nearby speed zones, and other road-related characteristics.


DoT has advised that it will continue to consider and review speed limits in the context of these principles, including changes proposed by the City of Moreland, and work with Council to support the implementation of any agreed changes in the future.






The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety