Questions on Notice No 6216
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 7 October 2021

Question on Notice

Ms McLeish to ask the Minister for Water — With regard to the Upper Yarra Dam works:

(1) What is the extent of works completed.

(2) What improvements have been made to the adjacent camping ground, including upgrade of facilities.

(3) What is the expected completion date.

(4) Following completion, will Melbourne Water contribute in any way to works to rectify the roads; if so when will these roads works be conducted and completed.

Answered: 23 November 2021

(1)   Construction of the major components of the Upper Yarra Dam Safety Upgrade are now complete, specifically the construction of the crest of the dam and installation of a seepage weir at the downstream toe, in accordance with current dam safety guidelines.


(2)   The public toilet block will be upgraded with a new septic system, new fixtures and fittings and be made safe and accessible in compliance with Disability Discrimination Act guidelines.


(3)   The major components of the Upper Yarra Dam Safety Upgrade were completed in July 2021. The completion of the ancillary components of the Upper Yarra Dam Safety Upgrade is expected by the end of December 2021.


(4)   The internal park access road will be reinstated to the same condition as before works began. This is expected by the end December 2021. The project team was in liaison with the Department of Transport from very early on this project.






Hon Lisa Neville MP
Minister for Water