Questions on Notice No 6221
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 12 October 2021

Question on Notice

Mr Southwick to ask the Minister for Industry Support and Recovery for the Minister for Small Business — What Government support will be available to school-related small business operators such as school photo, camp and excursion providers, should they not be able to open and operate until next year.

Answered: 25 November 2021
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I appreciate the impact that lockdowns have had on many businesses that provide services to our schools which enrich the educational experiences they provide to students.


On 17 October 2021, the Premier announced that the end of lockdown would be brought forward to 22 October 2021, including the staggered return to school for grades 3 to year 11 in Melbourne and the full return to school for all regional students. The Victorian Government’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan has all students returning to school by the indicative date of 5 November 2021.


I know that many students will have missed the opportunities that these services provide, and hopefully schools and businesses will be able to work together during the remainder of the year as Victoria progressively re-opens.


The Victorian Government takes the economic impact of COVID-19 seriously and understands that this has been felt acutely by small businesses. We are committed to ensuring small businesses have the support they need to adapt and survive and we are always considering mechanisms to best support small business. Over the course of the pandemic, the Government has provided more than $11 billion in direct financial support for businesses. In addition, the Minister for Education and representatives from the Department of Education and Training have met with a range of representatives of school-related small business operators to discuss their concerns. My Office has also met with relevant stakeholders to discuss their needs leading up to key reopening milestones and beyond. We will continue to work with these operators and their representatives to ensure that they are able to resume offering their services as quickly and safely as possible.


Businesses can find more information on available support at More information on the Roadmap can be found at


I hope that the many small business operators that provide critical services to Victorian schools will continue to engage with these important support measures as we continue to re-open our state.




Hon Jaala Pulford MP 

Minister for Small Business