Questions on Notice No 6301
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 17 November 2021

Question on Notice

Ms Sandell to ask the Minister for Roads and Road Safety — (1) Are there any plans for the development of a comprehensive traffic management plan around the Docklands Primary School, specifically to ensure kids from West Melbourne and the Docklands can safely walk, ride and scoot to school.

(2) What is the Government doing to address safety concerns on Footscray Road, where children are required to cross several lanes of traffic and tram tracks, and huddle on small exposed traffic islands in the middle of a busy highway.

(3) What is the Government doing to address safety concerns at the intersection of Docklands Drive and Footscray Road, where cyclists often report feeling unsafe due to cars turning left blindly from Docklands Drive onto Footscray Road.

Answered: 10 December 2021
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(1)    Managing the safe movement of children to and from Docklands Primary School is aligned with the existing plans and frameworks set out by the Department of Transport (DoT) and the City of Melbourne (CoM). An example of this is the West Melbourne Structure Plan by the City of Melbourne which proposes walking and cycling connections to Docklands from West Melbourne. In addition, DoT is working with CoM on identifying and improving cycling and walking connection opportunities between West Melbourne and Docklands as part of the Transport and Amenity Program (TAP). This will inform a network wide assessment to understand impacts to this area in the future of developments and projects, such as the West Gate Tunnel Project, and assist in improving both safety and mobility for all road users.


(2)    The intersection of Footscray Road, Dudley Street, Harbour Esplanade and Docklands Drive is part of an important route for walking, cycling, trams, freight and general traffic. Any physical changes to Footscray Road would need to be considered in this context.

To improve safety of children crossing Footscray Road, the speed limit was reduced from 70km/h to 60km/h on 9 October 2021, including a 40km/h speed limit during school times. This speed reduction improved safety in the area, especially during school times.


To increase safety and reinforce the effectiveness of the speed limits, further improvements are being considered by DoT for Footscray Road. These include pedestrian fencing, electronic speed limit signs, other signage and line marking treatments. I have asked DoT to continue to monitor the safety of pedestrians at this location.

(3)    DoT advises that no casualty crashes have occurred at this location involving a left turning motorist and cyclist crossing the intersection during the five-year period from January 2016 to December 2020. I am also advised that DoT considers the left turn from Docklands Drive into Footscray Road to be operating safely for both cyclists and motorists and does not propose to make any modifications to the left turn arrangement on-site at this stage. DoT will continue to monitor cyclist safety at the intersection to determine the need for any future improvements.





The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety