Questions on Notice No 6303
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 18 November 2021

Question on Notice

Mr Bull (Gippsland East) to ask the Minister for Community Sport — A regional campdrafting competition is proposed to be held in the Gippsland East electorate in January 2022 and the Gippsland Campdrafting Association is seeking clarification on how to ensure COVID Safe compliance is upheld. After calling the Coronavirus hotline on several occasions, members have been provided differing information. Can the Minister clarify:

(1) Whether the competitive sport of campdrafting is considered a community sport, physical recreation or other.

(2) What requirements the committee will need to ensure the competition proceeds in a COVID Safe manner.

(3) What the vaccination requirements for campdraft competitors, officials, volunteers and crowd attendees for this competition are.


Answered: 9 December 2021


I thank the Member for Gippsland East for his question.


I can advise that the difference between community sport and physical recreation for the purposes of the Chief Health Officer’s Directions is described as follows:

  • Community sport refers to competitions and training for the purpose of competition overseen by a state sporting association or equivalent governing body, such as country football and netball competitions overseen by AFL Victoria and Netball Victoria.

This includes entry level programs (for example AusKick and Cricket Blast), ‘come and try’ days run by state sporting associations or equivalent governing bodies, as well as training for coaches and umpires.


  • Physical recreation is any other activity that is not associated with competition or training for competitions overseen by a state sporting association or equivalent governing body, including non-competitive casual sport and social play, community events, self-defence classes, and fitness and gym classes.


There is currently no recognised State Sporting Association for campdrafting in Victoria, and as a result it is likely the event would be considered physical recreation. However, I encourage Gippsland Campdrafting Association to contact VicSport via or 9698 8100 which can provide guidance as to whether it may be considered an equivalent governing body.


The following conditions apply in order to operate the event as physical recreation:

  • all staff, volunteers, participants must be fully vaccinated
  • no patron caps or density quotients
  • shared equipment must be cleaned between users
  • QR code check-in is required, and a Check-In Marshal must check the vaccination status of participants and spectators.


If VicSport advises that campdrafting meets the requirements for community sport, the event may proceed under the following conditions:

  • no patron caps or density quotients
  • shared equipment must be cleaned between users
  • vaccination requirements do not apply in relation to any indoor or outdoor space in a physical recreation premises if that space is being operated only for the purpose of conducting a community sport activity
  • QR code check-in is required however a Check-In Marshal not required to check the vaccination status of participants and spectators.


Gippsland Campdrafting Association must have a COVIDSafe plan in place to run under either category, and information about how to prepare a COVIDSafe plan is available at guidance


In addition, I can also advise that the Victorian Government is offering a free, confidential review of COVIDSafe Plans by professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY). The review will help to ensure a plan reflects the current COVIDSafe Settings. EY professionals will consider all relevant information, identify any gaps, and provide advice on how the plan is being implemented.


To book a review, Gippsland Campdrafting Association can email with its business name, a contact name and phone number.


I wish Gippsland Campdrafting Association all the best for its upcoming event.





The Hon. Ros Spence MP

Minister for Community Sport

1 / 12 /21