Questions on Notice No 1019
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 29 October 2019

2015-16 Bus Package

MR DAVIS — To ask the Minister for Roads (for the Minister for Public Transport): In relation to the 2015-16 Bus Package where the deliverables are described on page 25 of the 2015‑16 Budget papers as ‘Victoria’s bus networks will be improved by adding more routes, expanding others, restoring cut services and fixing missing links in Melbourne’s growth areas’:

(1)   How many ‘missing links’ bus services in Melbourne’s growth areas were fixed.

(2)   What are the route numbers of ‘missing link’ bus services that were fixed.

(3)   If existing routes were varied to fix missing links, how were existing routes varied in each case.

(4)   When did each ‘missing link’ bus service commence delivering passenger services.

(5)   What is the weekday and weekend timetable for each ‘missing link’ bus service.

(6)   Which bus company is delivering each individual ‘missing link’ bus service to fix links in Melbourne’s growth areas.

Answered: 5 February 2020

Victoria's bus network has been improved by the 2015-16 Bus Package, a collection of improvements designed to build a stronger network and provide better connections between economic, education and employment centres. 

Bus routes and timetables are available on the PTV website. 

Once bus improvement packages are delivered their ongoing funding becomes part of the department's overall operational budget. 


Hon Melissa Horne MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Ports and Freight