Questions on Notice No 6614
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 12 May 2022

Question on Notice

Mr Bull (Gippsland East) to ask the Minister for Roads and Road Safety — The Bairnsdale VicRoads office is the closest office that can complete a transfer of registration for a Lakes Entrance resident, meaning they are required to travel 30 minutes to undertake this process. A booking fee of $48 is required for transfer of ownership for caravans or trailers. A resident was told this is used to motivate people to honour a booking and questioned why it is not credited then returned from the overall charge for the transfer of sale, or otherwise included in the full payment:

(1) What is the purpose of charging a booking fee when a charge is already included in the transfer of ownership paperwork.

(2) Why is the booking fee not credited off the transfer of ownership fee (or returned) when the booking is honoured.

No answer available