Questions on Notice No 6629
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 12 May 2022

Question on Notice

Mr Bull (Gippsland East) to ask the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change — The Buchan Caves Reserve pool was closed four years ago for not meeting health standards due to lack of natural flow from the spring. Parks Victoria originally said the pool would be open for the summer of 2021–22, but another summer has passed and the pool remains closed.

(1) Can the Minister guarantee the pool will be open for the summer of 2022–23; if not, can the Minister provide a specific date it will be open and how it will operate.

(2) What continues to be the holdup for the reopening of this iconic tourist attraction and what opportunities are being explored to solve any barriers.

(3) Will Parks Victoria prioritise the reopening of the popular and historic Buchan Caves Reserve pool.

No answer available