Questions on Notice No 6661
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 26 May 2022

Question on Notice

Mr Northe to ask the Minister for Housing — With reference to homelessness, lack of social, public and crisis housing and accommodation along with inadequate resources for housing and service providers in the Latrobe Valley:

(1) Given substantial interim response lists relating to Homelessness Entry Points and people with complex needs waiting extensively for assistance through the transitional support program, when will there be an increase to Intake Assessment and Planning (IAP) resources for Homelessness Entry Points and case management support. 

(2) The Government has previously announced its Big Housing Build to which Latrobe City was identified as an area to benefit from a $60 million investment. Can the Minister provide details of what this $60 million entails including the number of new housing stock, type of stock and location in Latrobe City.

(3) In relation to (2), can the Minister provide details including the number of new housing stock, type of stock and location including the amount that has been expended effective at 24 May 2022.

(4) Can the Minister outline why the 10-Year Social and Affordable Housing Strategy which was supposed to be launched in late 2021 has still not been launched.

(5) Can the Minister confirm if the launch was postponed recently; if so, why was it postponed and when will the launch actually occur.

(6) The From Homeless to a Home (H2H) initiative was well intended in seeking to assist vulnerable persons with head leasing private rentals and accommodate these same persons with support. Can the Minister outline how many people in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region were able to rent or purchase private properties through H2H.

(7) How many H2H recipients were able to lease or purchase social or public housing properties in the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region.

(8) In relation to (7), how many of these persons were Latrobe valley and Gippsland residents.

(9) In relation to (7), what negative impact did this have upon existing waiting lists for those already upon the Victorian Housing Register and Transitional Housing Exit Points in the Latrobe Valley.

(10) Can the Minister outline what the Government is doing to support individuals, families, and service providers in the Latrobe Valley to improve the homelessness and housing crisis that exists in our community.


No answer available