Constituency Questions No 1017
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 16 February 2021


MR ONDARCHIE — To ask the Minister for Training and Skills (for the Minister for Police and Emergency Services): My constituency question this afternoon is for the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. Many Glenroy residents in my electorate of Northern Metropolitan Region are concerned about their safety at night, theft from motor vehicles and dangerous hoon driving. A Glenroy disability pensioner has been left without his car, his only way to get around, after his vehicle was written off in a dramatic hit-and-run. He said that the collision was so forceful that it pushed his car out 6 to 7 metres away from the gutter into the middle of the road. He woke up to find it there. Can the minister advise me so that I can advise my constituents: will the government commit to extra police patrols in Morell Street in Glenroy and surrounds to better deter theft from cars, antisocial behaviour, hoon driving and all those bad behaviours out there so Glenroy residents can have a safer street and a more peaceful life?
Answered: 10 March 2021

Mr PEARSON (Essendon—Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Regulatory Reform, Minister for Government Services, Minister for Creative Industries):

The Victorian Government is giving Victoria Police the resources it needs to keep our growing community safe. The government’s record $3 billion police investment is delivering 3,135 new sworn police officers, as well as state-of the-art intelligence systems, new technology, n w and upgraded police stations, and stronger laws. 179 of the government’s 3,135 new police have already been allocated to the Fawkner Division, including 21 family violence specialist police.

The location and deployment of police officers is a matter for the Chief Commissioner of Police, using the Staffing Allocation Model (SAM). The SAM has been developed by Victoria Police, in consultation with the Police Association of Victoria, and endorsed by the Victorian Government. The SAM ensures deployment of police resources is determined by evidence, policing experts and operational needs. It also safeguards the operational independence of Victoria Police.

Over the past three months, Victoria Police has conducted proactive operations in the Glenroy area to target anti-social behaviour, stolen vehicles, and bail compliance checks. Fawkner Police will continue to conduct active patrols including resident engagement in the Glenroy area, including in Morell Street, Glenroy.