Constituency Questions No 1019
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 16 February 2021


MS BATH — To ask the Minister for Training and Skills (for the Minister for Agriculture): My question is for the Minister for Agriculture. Unjustified delays, a wet year—the Game Management Authority has declared that there will be a reduced duck season, and it has been met with huge frustration from many of my constituents—three weeks rather than 12 and a bag limit of only two per day. The evidence to support a full season was provided to the GMA by the Victorian Duck Hunters Association, Field and Game, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and many others. There has been ideal rainfall across the state, and it has meant that Gippsland particularly has really good populations of game birds. By contrast to the GMA, Tasmania has announced a full 14-week season and a bag limit of 10 birds. My constituents want to know: will you release the full evidence and data used by the GMA to base its decision to only allow a drastically modified duck season for 2021?
Answered: 26 February 2021

Ms THOMAS (Macedon—Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Regional Development):

The process and details of the information used by the GMA to formulate recommendations for a duck season and specifically the 2021 season is publicly available at

The GMA’s recommendations to the government for the 2021 duck season are based on, amongst other matters, assessments of rainfall data, wetland conditions, waterfowl abundance and distribution, harvest data and whether hunting activities could impact on the conservation and sustainability of game duck populations.

In formulating its recommendations, the GMA as it has in previous years invited and has thoroughly considered submissions from relevant stakeholders both supportive and against the hunting of ducks. These submissions and their contents are also available at

In its request for submissions from stakeholder groups the GMA sought any additional data, information, and any subject matter expertise that might assist in determining arrangements for a duck season. The nine submissions received by the GMA from stakeholder groups held differing views on 2021 duck season. Submissions from hunting groups sought a fully legislated season and conservation and animal welfare groups sought a cancelled season and in some instances abolition of duck hunting in Victoria.