Constituency Questions No 1138
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 29 April 2021


MS CROZIER — To ask the Attorney-General (for the Minister for Health): My question is to the Minister for Health. I received an email from a constituent last week after reading the concerns that Mr Hayes has just raised around the stresses on our health services and the tragic loss of that young woman in Caulfield. My constituent woke on Friday, 16 April, in great pain and called an ambulance at 3.15 am. None arrived, and he rang again as he was advised to. Eventually a taxi turned up to take him to the Alfred emergency entrance. He had to have blood tests and CAT scans and received an analgesic to relieve the pain, so he was in quite some distress on that arrival at the Alfred hospital. My question to the minister is: what advice is being provided to taxidrivers and specifically the taxi industry when these drivers are transporting ill patients to emergency departments, in the event that the patient’s condition deteriorates?
Answered: 7 April 2022

In some instances, and in discussion with the patient, Ambulance Victoria will organise a taxi to take a patient to a medical facility if their medical condition is less urgent, the patient does not require any pre-hospital care, and they have no other means of private transport. Clinicians discuss the option of a taxi with patients, following additional triaging, as the safety and wellbeing of patients is a priority for Ambulance Victoria.


Ambulance Victoria do not arrange a taxi for patients in medical emergencies or whose conditions require supervision.


Ambulance Victoria has an established use of non-emergency ambulances, a clinic car service and taxis to help provide appropriate options to patients, while ensuring ambulances and paramedics are available for emergencies.


Martin Foley MP 

Minister for Health 

Minister for Ambulance Services 


Date: 07/04/2022