Constituency Questions No 1141
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 29 April 2021


MR DAVIS — To ask the Minister for Employment (for the Minister for Transport Infrastructure): 

My constituency question is for the attention of the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, and it concerns the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossings, which influence my electorate and Dr Bach’s and Mr Atkinson’s electorates as well. It is a very important crossing removal project supported by all, and it is a rail-under proposal, and we all support that. But what we do not support is the removal of two stations and their replacement with a single station at the loss of the Lorne Parade Reserve area. I should say that Lorne Parade has an interesting history. Dick Hamer saved that reserve in the 1970s when he was Premier, and now another Hamer is going to get rid of it. But my question today is: will the Minister for Transport Infrastructure visit the Lorne Parade residents group that is trying to save that parkland?

The PRESIDENT: I would like to remind members and guests that the farmers market will be open until 2 o’clock, so make sure you visit it.

Answered: 10 May 2021

Ms ALLAN (Bendigo East—Leader of the House, Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop):

I thank the Member for Southern Metropolitan Region for his question.

In their election costings, the Liberal Opposition went the to last State Election with a commitment to save money by not removing the dangerous and congested level crossings at Surrey Hills and Mont Albert.

In contrast, the Andrews Labor Government committed to removing the level crossings by 2025 and the advice from the Member for Box Hill, Mr Paul Hamer MP is that the community is delighted by the decision to bring forward their removals to 2023.

The suggestion from the Liberal Opposition to rebuild both stations is made in full knowledge of expert engineers’ advice that it would require the destruction of homes, businesses, and open space, including Lorne Parade Reserve. The Victorian Government will not accept this request and will continue to work closely with all residents on all aspects of this exciting project.