Questions on Notice No 1134
59 Parliament First Session
Asked: 10 September 2019

Question on Notice

Ms Ryan to ask the Minister for Corrections — Do prison officers have legal powers to intercept or question people using a public road outside of a prison boundary.
Answered: 2 October 2019
Prison Officers have a range of powers on prison property and are guided by, amongst other provisions, Section 32 of the Corrections Act 1986 in the performance of their duties in the neighbourhood of a prison. Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the good order or security of the prison or prisoners may be threatened, a Prison Officer may order a person to leave the neighbourhood of the prison. It is an expectation that the Prison Officer would first speak with the person in order to make an assessment as to whether there were reasonable grounds on which to give any such instruction.



The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Corrections