As part of the Parliament of Victoria’s community engagement program Parliament holds a number of events over the course of the year.

Parliament House Open Day

Take a self-guided tour through one of Melbourne's best-known landmarks and the home of the Parliament of Victoria. More 

Open House Melbourne

Each year, Parliament House takes part in the Open House Melbourne program, when people are invited to explore the outstanding houses, buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that illustrate our city's rich history, reflect how we live and work, and offer insights into our future city. More

Arts and Culture

Parliament House often plays host to a surprising and diverse offering of art, music and cultural events that celebrate Victoria's creativity and heritage. More.

Regional Sittings

Since 2001 the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly have met in different regional centres across Victoria. Melbourne. These regional sittings give people the opportunity to see their elected representatives at work and to learn about the processes of Parliament. More

Professional Development

A program of professional development opportunities is offered at Parliament House throughout the year. Parliament in Practice is targeted at public servants who have a direct interest in the proceedings of parliament (see more). We also offer courses designed for school teachers and teachers in the adult education sector (see more).